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A workshop dedicated to renewable energy, sustainable development and NICT is organized every 2 years in Ziguinchor, a city in the coastal region in the south of Senegal (West-Africa).

This 3-day-workshop represents a great opportunity for students, researchers, companies and NGOs to network and discuss about Science and its role in development. By this way, new projects can emerge and can open up new prospects on an economic and social development with environmental specific concern to shape a new sustainable growth model for next generation.

CasamanScience organizes knowledge sharing activities about Science and technical training to improve local skills, know-how, hands-on in the aim to promote a sustainable development in developing countries. The workshop helps students integrate innovative solutions into local environment and development.

Since 2008 the workshop is fully organized by the University of Ziguinchor, a young establishment created in 2006.

Casamansun Workshop is one of the most complete events dedicated to sustainable development in Africa. Topics about Science and Technology, Environment and sustainable development are discussed from cutting-edge R&D study to in-situ applications.

– Science and Technology:

  • Photovoltaic: Application, materials, test and characterization, calculation of facilities

  • Solar Thermal: application, test and characterization, design of facilities

  • Wind: application, test and characterization, design of facilities

  • Hydraulic: application, test and characterization, wind resources

  • Geothermal energy: application, test and characterization, geothermic resources

  • Biomass: wood, biogas, waste valorization, biofuel

– Environment and sustainable development:

  • Environmental resources management

  • Climate change and environmental impact (specially on coastal areas)

  • Urban development and environmental issues

  • Local development and sustainable Economy