Casamansun project started in 2008 with a strong collaboration with University of Ziguinchor (south of Senegal). This event promotes renewable energies and technical topics related to sustainable development. This event is an opportunity for politicians, goverment, company and researchers to act together as key enablers for a so-awaited economical sustainable development.


Casamanscience supports local initiatives in its way by affirming that Africa must trust its own ability and potentiality to create and innovate: Made in Africa for Africans and by Africans.

Our action focuses on knowledge sharing and technology transfers to spur innovation with green and DIY(Do-it-Yourself) approach.

Our method is based on the critical sense of people to guarentee the perinnity of the project. By this way, Casamansun would fit to local needs and even new innovation can be created with a reverse technology transfer.

Casamansun project is divided in 2 parts:

– Workshop at university of Ziguinchor: this event allows researchers, companies and politicians to debate and show their works and results. From these talks, new collaborations would be held.

– Hands-on and know-how days: we organize in primary and high school science experiments and lab demonstrations. These experiments are used to show the advantages of renewable energy and illustrate some physics concepts that are taught during their school or training program.

Nowadays, electricity is a fundamental need. Electrification increases the domestic benefits, improves the access to information and decreases the indoor pollution. This results in an overall increase in productivity and income. This lack of off-grid electricity network in remote areas can be fullfilled by green energies and  new technologies with a high level of satisfaction in terms of comfort, prices and reliability. Moreover, all new social- economical policies must take into account the impact on environment (global warming, health conditions in high urban population density) so a sustainable economic develoment together with a long-lasting reduction of the poverty can efficiently take place.

The first edition of Casamansun was organized in 2008. The success of the first event pushed us toward 3 others editions (2010, 2012 and 2014). During last editions, Casamansun is more and more open to international researchers (specially from West Africa and Europe).


Currently, we prepare our Jubilaum. Indeed the Vth edition is coming soon: 19-21May2016 and will be held in Ziguinchor-Senegal.