Workshop Casamansun

Workshop CasamanSun 2020: 4-6June at Ziguinchor

Casamanscience aims mainly to promote science and technology in order to create an intellectual effervescence on the problematic of a sustainable and rapid development that is environment-friendly and aware of future generations.

Sustainable development consists in implementing the needed technical and organizational tools those allow an economic growth while protecting and preserving the environment.This principle relies on the idea that an economic development is closely linked to the stock of natural resources which are even more abundant when nature is not degraded.

Such a development cannot take place without the involvement of local people. Moreover, the choices able to arise such development depend on the ecological environmentand the socio-cultural choices of the people who inhabit this region.

Our association takes the try topromote sustainable development through the transfer of technologies that can meet the challenges of such a development of our societies.

In this view, we organize:
-Awareness campaign in schools and universities;

– Conferences and workshops on the topics of sustainable development,ICT (Information Technologies and Communication), renewable energy, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture …
– Training and hands-on sessions to facilitate technology transfer, know-how and specific knowledge: renewable energy, recycling of waste, sustainable farming techniques …

Ultimately, we want to conduct all actions to the popularization and dissemination of technologies, new techniques and knowledge that can enable sustainable development of our societies.

Our association designs projects that respond tolocal issues in all regions of the world.

All our projects are open to all partners willing to engage in the path of sustainable development.

Nasser Belmiloud, PhD

Nasser Belmiloud, PhD

Laurianne Blanc, PhD

Laurianne Blanc, PhD

Ludovic Lacheze, PhD

Ludovic Lacheze, PhD

Dimitri Manga, PhD

Dimitri Manga, PhD

Casamansun Project Leader